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  © Solent Wheel Services Ltd.      Find us on           workshop@solentwheels.com;     Tel: 01794 367746

Solent wheels is a professional and high quality repair, restoration and refurbishment service for all types of alloy, wire and steel wheels. We can repair and refurbish any type of wheel to as new standard. Recoating of any wheel. Based in Ampfield, Romsey, Southampton, Hampshire, UK.

Strip wheel

To start the tyre and any old balancing weights are removed.
We strip all existing coatings and the whole wheels is then bead blasted to bare metal to give a good surface key

Repair damage

At this stage any reapirs are carried out, such as kerb damage or corrosion.


The whole wheel is then primed, baked in a low bake oven and flattened down to create a smooth surface.

Main Colour

The wheels are then top coated and laqured with a durable Polyurethane paint and clear coat.

If you require new tyres we can supply new at competative rates. The tyres are then refitted and balanced, balancing weights are placed inside the wheel so they cannot be seen when on the car.