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  © Solent Wheel Services Ltd.      Find us on           workshop@solentwheels.com;     Tel: 01794 367746

Solent wheels is a professional and high quality repair, restoration and refurbishment service for all types of alloy, wire and steel wheels. We can repair and refurbish any type of wheel to as new standard. Recoating of any wheel. Based in Ampfield, Romsey, Southampton, Hampshire, UK.

Why Choose Solent Wheels?

At Solent Wheel Services we refurbish the whole wheel and not just the damaged areas or face of the wheel.
This means that your wheels look better and will last longer than some cheaper alternatives.

What process do you use?

We do a total refurbishment of your wheels. See the Process page for details.

Can you refurbish any make of wheel?

Yes any make of wheel can be refurbished, most alloys, steel or even wire wheels can be refurbished to better than new condition. Contact the workshop to find out about your wheels.

Can you refurbish split rim wheels?

Because of the way split rim wheels are made we request that you take the wheel apart before leaving them with us to refurbish.

Can you store my car while my wheels are being refurbished?

Yes we have safe workshop that we leave your car in overnight

Can you supply and fit tyres?

Yes we can supply and fit new tyres at competative rates, we also rebalance with weights hidden on inside the wheel so as not to spoil the look of your newly refurbished wheels.

How long does it take?

It usually takes around 4-5 days for a set of 4 wheels.